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My Sacrifice..

Everyone of us has it’s own sacrifices, we deal with them differently, in a way we feel to solve it facile and lightly. Sacrifices, i believe make us an adamant human, make us prudent to all our dealings. On a positive note, these somehow help us to stand still whatever happens, these are beneficial in a way that we keep on thriving hard and delving for best ways to solve and deal with it ( i am not trying to be roundabout, this just came out of my mind despite the hoarse noises that surround me).

The best i would say is for us to face these sacrifices positively, our positive outlook in life in other words. Applying to my own life, i have so many sacrifices eversince i wont this world and since i was a kid. I was born with a destitute family, striving harder to make a living, in a Pinoy saying “Isang Kahig, Isang Tuka”. But this condition helps me to sacrifice patiently and strive for the best, and until now, i am still striving. Everytime i have these sacrifices, i always think that He just gives them to me to make me adamant and there’s best things awaiting for me in coping with those sacrifices, as another saying, “Kapag May Tyaga, May Nilaga”.

Patience is another key to deal with it, and i pride myself for having this long patience. Another is your faith in God, in everything we do, just have faith in Him. Let your family be your foundation and inspiration, i assure you, sacrifice will be a success!!

The space of this posts isn’t enough for my sacrifices. I just want to leave some points how to deal with them. And i hope that the suicide cases will be lessened as we face our sacrifices positively, in the first place, life would not be a challenge without them right?

Till then,

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