The Best Things About Working


In the country’s current situation, it is very hard to imagine that a person has no means of earning a living. Everything around us is increasing, fuel cost, affecting the increase in fare, canned goods, meat and poultry supplies, rice, vegetables, the basic commodities in other words, adding all those things that we usually buy. Well wait, have heard that fuel price increases globally, so not only the Philippines is experiencing it, the whole world experiences it.

Well, good thing that many of us do have works, businesses and other things where we could get money to buy those things we need despite those rising or increasing prices around us. Aside from getting your compensation in exchange of the services you provide for the company, what’s good in working is, you get friends while you work. The longer you stay in the company, the many people you befriend.

As for me, aside from the friends I have in elementary, high school and college, i got the chance to befriend the people i worked with. In my first job at Kanepackage Philippines Inc., there’s Dess and Weng, though i stayed there for six months only, i managed to build a good relationship with these guys. We seldom see each other, and easier to say, we haven’t seen each  other yet for a long time, but still, we have and stay connected with each other through text and email, miss you sis dess and weng!! By the way, weng is female, we used to call him sis, that’s what we like.

Next company i worked in, Rapid Forming Corporation, there’s Evelyn, Elsie, Ariel, Justy, Bomar, Bernie, Johny, Ruel, Ms. Nida, Azel, Sir Nitoy, i stayed there for one and half year, that’s why i have them as friends. What i know, they’re not in RFC now, they left this comapny like what I did, the difference is, i left earlier than them.

Third, Sare Lee Philippines Inc., there’s Mai and Henry, they are of my age that’s why they are the ones i got befriend, two only, like in KPPI, i stayed SLPI for six months. Though short, i had so many great experiences while i was there.

Fourth, Nikkoshi Philippines Corp., for two years and seven months, i could say that i’ve been a friend to all, but have to mention those ladies who were and are still very close to me. In no particular order, Wayne, Glen, Jen, Lani, Maybelle, Sheila and Jajay, all the rest admin employees were my friends also. The ladies i just mentioned were part of my life, there were some happenings that we couldn’t forget, eating pancit canton, sopas cooked by Wayne, drinking matador and the like, swimming, dancing and laughing out loud, they went to our place in Tiaong Quezon, la lang, just to visit our home, then went to Glen’s home in Tayabas, went home late perhaps, eleven, then Jen was berated by her mom for going home late, by what happened at that day, she didn’t permitted to join the company outing in 8 Waves Waterpark in Bulacan. Well Jen rueful for that.

Presently, i just have few people i considered as friend, or should i say, in the stage of making friends in Advantek Inc., hope that like in my previous companies i worked with, i will soon collect as many friends as I can here.

This is the best thing while working, making friends…

Till then friends!! dhynnes 🙂