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On This Heart’s Day

Before I leave today, I want to take this chance of posting something special because today is Valentine’s day and I have many people around me to celebrate this day with – not physically, but heartily and emotionally.valentine

Daddy, although you are apart from me and Jhaydii, I want you to know that you are so loved by us. You are the one who give meaning to our lives. You made me feel so beautiful and special when you asked me to be your girlfriend wayback June 11, 2010 and proposed to me for a wedding on… (I forgot when), and finally vowed to live forever together on June 11, 2011. We now have a very smart, beautiful and adorable baby girl (na nagmana sa akin muhahaha) and praying for another one someday (when Jhaydii is a bit older ha?). Daddy, we went through petty arguments which we later on resolved, it’s normal I believe. I admire your patience for me, I thank you for your understanding me, that I need somehow to support my family. Thank you for always believing in me. I pray that together, we reach our dreams fully – TOGETHER. I love you very much, to the highest level.

Jhaydii, you won’t understand this for now, you are just turning two on March 21. But I want you to know, that you are the very very precious blessing God has given us. You are the wonderful proof of daddy and mama’s love for each other. At your young age, you never fail to amuse us. You show us how smart you are. I never get tired of playing with you and teaching you everything you need to know. You will always be our beautiful smart and brave princess. We love you very very much our dearest lovely daughter. Mwahhh…

Words are not enough to express how much I deeply and truly love you both daddy and Jhaydii. Let days prove that 😉 I miss you both!

And to all my family, inay tatay kapatid, pinsan, in lwas, friends – you all made me who I am. Molded me to where I am today. You are part of my life that will never be forgotten. I love you all.


Happy Happy Valentine’s Day!

Till then,

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