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Taking the Ladder Going There

It takes us long walk and steps before reaching our dream and goals in life. Stepping unto different ladders makes it harder at times. Along the way you’d think, do I need to take two steps at a time or just one?

We differ on how to take these ladders, some is too brave and courageous enough to take multiple steps at a time, some would just take one – slowly but surely. I go for the latter. I tend to go through the whole process, never miss any steps so I would reap the real fruit of taking them all on SURELY.

In my 30+ years of existence, I went through a long ladder and I must say, these ladder is now leading me and pointing me there —–> there to where I want to go. I took one at a time. Just like the lyrics of a song, you won’t finish the entire song unless you begin and end with what the lyrics say. And this song wouldn’t be complete without a good music to play with, so might as well study the whole piece of a song together with some instrument, say a guitar, which could have excellent pcdj software at guitar center, will make the song plays even better.

Relative to the real life, any situation will not be momentous and memorable if it went smoothly, challenges makes it special. Challenges and sacrifices are some ingredients that give life a meaning, make life worthy to live with. There are ups and downs. These will in turn help us to become better and steadfast to whatever encounter we may have in future. In taking the ladder, make sure to reach till the end.

How far are you now? I can say I am more than halfway there 😉 God bless all our undertakings and endeavors friends.

Till then,

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