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Kid’s Safety

Everyone is for sure loving the dogs no matter what breed they are. We love having a pet dog at home just an askal, (we now have 2). And having said that, safety for kid is the number one on the list. We know how harmful dogs are and the bite causes danger. And that is a must for us parents to ensure our kid’s safety. To make sure we do, we can have those dogs tied and far from kid’s reach.  I am not a pro when it comes to petting dogs so might as well browse, surf and read on, we cpuld perhaps rely here at sport dog information at for us to be much aware or to give us more awareness about dogs.

I’ve had experienced biting by dogs several times when I was a kid, and that is what I don’t want to happen to my kid/kids. I was under an uncomfortable condition (I had been bitten by 2 dogs on my legs and it left me scars. Huhuhu… I was I think in 2nd grade. I reallg really don’t want this to happen to my kid/kids.

So much for this. Just keep your kids safe all the time. 😉

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