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Appreciating Clouds Even More

While waiting for our next flight and to effectively use the waiting time we have here in Narita, I decided to blog about how I appreciate clouds even more.  Yes it’s petty, but in it I saw how clouds protect us from direct heat of the sun.
 photo IMG_20140222_160956_zpsdc412944.jpg

This was taken on board while at PAL flight 428 bound to Narita Japan airport, sort of stop over.
I was not seating in a window area a passenger was before me but at least I had a chance to see and sneak clouds outside and had that picture.
Tell me I’m shallow, but that’s how I appreciated nature. I smiled secretly seeing those white thin smokes that eventually gets thick as we went higher.
We must be thankful for those cirrus nimbus cumulus and stratus clouda ha. They protect us all the time.
Till then,