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Remembering Sandunes

Can’t sleep yet! And because of that, I try again to write here, not about someone else to avoid uncertainties, but all about me or my family. Almost a year ago, my husband’s relative went to explore the north part of the Philippines. And I believe I once wrote it here about it. One of the most exciting parts of that family tour was the Sand Dunes wherein we, the adults had a chance to ride a 4×4 for a hundred pesos, round trip. It was very throat-drying as we yelled every ups and downs.

 photo sanddunes1_zpsc96a7809.jpg

 photo sanddunes2_zpsc0262242.jpg

I thought at first to have Jhaydii joined us, but changed mind right away, as it was really unsafe for a year old kid. So when she grows a little bigger, I will have her experienced the ATVs for Kids, a lot safer than that of a 4×4 hilarious ride.

But nothing is even more hilarious than what I had experienced during our business trip in Utah, wherein on one weekend, we spent it at Park City and we rode in Sky Fall. Will link it in another post. I promise, that is the most hilarious ever! You too should experience it.

Till then,

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