Condoms to Go

Just after our dinner at Chipotle and left our burlap table runner, we decided to walk our way to the Holiday Inn, for us to somehow shed some calories we ate at that resto. But, hey, how can we burn when it’s cold that we even were not sweating?

It was fun walking together, and was a challenge for us to cross the streets, afraid of getting caught by ignorantly violating traffic rules, we’re here in Dallas, not in the Philippines. It’s bashful when we get caught right?

On our way, we saw this somehow a closed van with sign, Condoms to Go, and we were puzzled by what is in it or what is it? Do you know? I have only one thing in mind, and you know what I’m talking about.

 photo condomstogo_zpsfe4ab610.jpg

This is in Mockingbird Dallas Texas, near the Dart (train) station. Can you tell me what this is? I am bewildered.

Till then,

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