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I went to Utah last 2009, spent my 5 weeks on training, and didn’t know how homesick feels like or how would you say that you are homesick then. I enjoyed my stay in that place worrying nothing. I even asked some of my friends, pano ba mahomesick, ano ba ang pakiramdam ng homesick?

Now I can clearly answer myself well. I feel it now, I can explain what and how the feeling is, how it goes and what’s within your heart. It’s hard to leave the country now that you have so precious to be left apart :'( 2009, I was single, a lot different now that I have a daughter who’s nearly 2. It’s not that easy. I can’t help myself but cry in times that I missed her.

 photo JD_zpsa6b82494.jpg

There’s mo internet at home in Tiaong Quezon. We did communicate last Sunday using skype. But on Thursday night was terrible, we were not able to talk and see each other. That was the time that I burst in tears after inay told me that uwi na sila, antok na si JD. Kasi naman, the internet connection was poor.

It was really hard for a mom like me to be separated from her kids. Thankfully this training will only be for three weeks. And I’m looking forward to that final week. My feet and heart want to jump with excitement. 😀

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