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Sing Like A Pro

When you are stressed try to ease it out by singing, it releases those stress that gives you wrinkles and makes you older 🙁 you don’t want it do you? So in order for you to manage your stress effectively, aside from having a good sleep and taking a break, sing your heart out, not out loud huh? I do assure you that it’ll help a lot in releasing those negative feeling around.

I admire anyone who sings very well, I mean those who really has a talent in singing. I wish I was like them 😉 I wish that someday I could have godin multiac steel at musicians friend. I wish I’d be Catherin Loria, I wish I’d be Lea Salonga, dream, believe, achieve! But singing is hard to achieve if I don’t have a nice voice right?

It’s March 1 now! One quarter of 2014 is about to end, I’m excited and want to pull time faster. Time Time Time!

Till then,

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