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When Nothing But Skype

This is the first time that I am away with Jhaydii, and I really miss her so much. Time is  so slow and I want to pull it thus making it faster. I want to be with my daughter but can’t be as of now. I have to stay for two weeks more and finish my training here in Dallas Texas :'( Whenever I think of her, my tears fall.

On our second day here in Texas, I was happy to see jd via skype, I am thankful that skype gets us connected. No better communication than it. I also communicate with my husband through this, although apart, we can see each other. Skype really is a big help.

We’ve never been to many places here yet. It’s Friday tomorrow and hopefully by weekend we could spend it unforgettably and make time to roam places of Dallas. My eyes want to see wonderful things that can never be seen in Philippines. Even those stuff for kids, like adorable tuxedos for kids but I even love to see stuff for girls because a have a beautiful Jhaydii.

Thank you skype for keeping me in touch with my love ones – you’re a great help!

Till then,

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