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Oh I’m Thirty Three!

This is my first time to celebrate my birthday away from my family at my country home. It wasn’t planned at all, all what happened was unexpected. I wasn’t with our daughter, I was not with my husband, I was not with my family, I was out of the country for a business trip. But albeit it was that, I am very thankful that I come to this part of my life. I am happy with all the blessings He gave me and my family.

Luscious cheesecake from Piccasio is shared here at Dallas.

 photo cake_zpse2565dfb.jpg

No more than that cake – but still I am thankful that I again is here on here celebrating life a year older.

On a third day of March Philippine time, Sunday afternoon here in Dallas, we went to Northpark to buy something. And for a souvenir I had this picture taken, hoping that someday I could buy one, kidding though 😉

 photo burberry_zpsf1063cd1.jpg

Getting too late…… to be continued…. Happy birthday to me!