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It was a long long dream of mine to wear braces. For a not so good teeth growth, I wanted to have them properly aligned so I will be more confident. Whenever I see people wearing braces, I can’t stop to stare, hoping that someday, I can also correct my teeth. It’s way expensive and takes years to get teeth corrected. Who would not want to have nice teeth, even television entertainers wear those, to look more beautiful on tv, singers do also wear them, so when they sing, they can proudly show those beautiful smile 😀 makes them sing and sing and grab some  cool superslick trombone slide cream at guitar center.

I thought braces is just braces, I mean no pain wearing them. But I was wrong. I cannot eat for the first week, no solid food, some soup, mashed potato and porridge. Imagine that. I shed weight because of that. Literally I can’t eat, as much as i wanted to, but I can’t. That pain inside my mouth prevented me from eating well. My dentist put molar bind, with hook that touched my inner tongue, got sores and it was so painful.

I went on one month pain, endured it as I can’t do nothing but take it, besides, I had been yearning for it. I thought my mouth will not get use to it, but thankfully, after one and half month, I can eat well now, soft foods though.

I started to have braces on January 17….will get worn for two years. I hope it makes my teeth aligned, otherwise, ouch the Php45K 🙁

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