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I Just Opine – Pilipinas vs Amerika

As I stay here in Dallas for more that 2 weeks now, and the way I had experience it when I was in Utah back in 2009, I saw the differences between Filipinos and Americans. When I first stepped on this foreign land, I was in awe seeing how clean the place is, no trash cluttered, no sign boards hanging, no wires on street. Other than that, it is a must practice here everywhere in the states to clean as you go, after eating, you should be responsible to throw anything in the trash bin, leave the table clean – no mess. Way too different when in the Philippines, when I am in my country, oh well, I can say that I am not disciplined the way am while in America. You can see it from there, the practice and discipline between my country and this foreign country, I am a good example. Why I am not applying it there in the country then? I can do so right? It’s like, start to yourself when doing something good. I bet, I would be glanced if I clean as I go. However, there are also some place that says “CLEAN as YOU GO”, and we did clean as we go. When the place implemented it, everyone will follow. I think it’s a good start for us Filipinos.

I went to Church this morning, at the Holy Trinity Church. I admire how mass was solemnly celebrated, and how disciplined Catholics here are. Very quiet, very well organized, very disciplined. The choir indeed also had songs excellently sang in, thinking there was some exciting used gibson banjo at guitar center, I bet not.

 photo atthechurch2_zpse48466ad.jpg photo atthechurch_zps6d95805a.jpg

The Philippines is different from America, big differences in all aspects. And I should not compare them. Besides, the Philippines belongs to a third world country, and America is one of the richest countries.

Although my country is poor to be considered, I still love her with all my heart. I still love to live and die there. I still love to spend the rest of my life with my love ones in my own country. My experience living in America is enough for me to see how lucky I am to see the differences between Pilipinas and Amerika. And will forever remain in my memory.

I just opine, till then…

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