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How to Reset TSA Lock Combination

TSA lock is very important as it will help avoid tampering your luggage when luckily chosen by customs to be inspected. Customs inspector has TSA keys that can open the luggage that is TSA locked.

I bought mine on February 21 before my flight to US. I already have one but left it at home. The salesman was very impressive in doing the talk and I finally decided to buy from him after all the details he discussed. The luggage is TSA locked and the default combination is 000 (3 zero). He taught me how to change lock combination. And because I thought I knew how to change, I did not let them change the combination to my desired number. When I got home, I tried resetting with the help of my father. When we thought we changed the combination, Jhaydii messed it and we didn;t know what the numbers were. The result, I wasn’t able to use the TSA lock 🙁 I am utilizing the padlock – a frebie from where I purchased the luggage.

I researched online as to how to reset combination if the old combination is forgotten. Unfortunately, the videos I watch didn’t help either. But one video somehow helped me realize the advantage of the TSA lock, and how easy it is to open our luggage with the use of pen. Here’s how I did it.

 photo bag2_zps4aea079a.jpg

In just one push of the pen, I opened my luggage and peeked on what’s inside. If they happen to choose your bag, they can easily grab or steal things from you. In just one pen. This can be zipped back without tampering your bag, as if nothing is gotten from you. Here’s next.

 photo bag1_zpsfc23a046.jpg

See – I zipped it back so easily. People can do it if they want to steal from the travelers. So easy as that. So might as well utilize the TSA, but how do I? Would you know how to reset the combination if I forgot my combination? Please advise. Thank you.

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