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Once Upon a Time in the Pub

Today after work, we went to TJ Maxx for some shopping. But before that, we first went to a pub, yes pub, at Sherlock’s Pub and Grill to have our dinner. We were welcomed by a tall guy, but then asked for our ID. We went to a pub, a place for guests 21 years old (or 18) and above. To make sure we are really above 21 (or 18), we showed our IDs and passports. Here we are choosing our bets for dinner.

 photo sherlock4_zps0cf1d192.jpg

 photo sherlock3_zpsa32b106a.jpg

 photo sherlock2_zps84a55106.jpg

This place has guest band, and we were so early to watch it, no band’s playing yet. Perhaps, should we feel boredom and want some noise, we could probably go back there and listen to the band, maybe they’re good enough with button accordion from musicians friend

There were already music instruments up in the stage, getting prepared for the night’s fun.

Meanwhile, here’s what I had for dinner, chicken buffalo wings.

 photo sherlock1_zps36e7ea6a.jpg

The burger was for Brent – feeling Americanized 😉

Till then,

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