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Hello Summer!

Right after the cold and chilling stay at Dallas Texas for 3 weeks, here I am again, welcome back Philippines. And with this, because it’s March, HELLO SUMMER! Hello hot weather!

We arrived from US on March 17, and after a day rest, we went back to work. And then on Friday, March 21, I took a lieu leave as it was my daughter’s 2nd birthday. We went to her pedia for some flu booster vaccine. And on Saturday, March 22, the celebration of Jhaydii’s and Xanelle’s birthdays. So tiring. And on Sunday, we left for Pampanga! Whew! Imagine that! I hadn’t had a chance to recuperate from my business trip, and no rest on weekend yet. And that tiring days made me sick after month end close. (Uwian kasi ako sa Pampanga, and it took 2 1/2 hours to 3 of travel).

Not rested well yet, on Saturday, April 5, we David family went to Tagaytay and spent our weekend there, went back to Pampanga on Sunday night and then back to work on Monday morning 😉 I wake up 4am, imagine it, imagine the sacrifice I need to give to my daughter to see her everyday. It is also my way of practicing going back and forth in Pampanga as I soon will do it permanently.

Going back to Tagaytay, we went to Sky Ranch at about 7pm until 9pm. Because I have a little girl, we took only the carousel. And watched the rest of the family enjoyed their rides. The day after, we went to Sky Palace, a place where there is an old building built atop overlooking the Taal Volcano.

Not much of a nice scenery, but the family bonding was great. Although my husband was not there with us, I got to mingle with his family as nice as I can 🙂

(Photos to follow)

Till then,

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