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Oh My MRT???

I consider myself as a lucky person for being on-leave yesterday (August 13, 2014 Wednesday) and oh, the unlucky number it was, very unlucky. In my daily routine, I ride the LRT from Balintawak to Buendia (from Pampanga) and then from Edsa to D. Jose (going home). Imagine the tiring walk and if you are so unlucky you’ll end up no space to seat, endure to stand until you reach your destination. And I need to do it everyday, I have to, and I need to be used to it 😉

Yesterday afternoon, at around 5 or 6pm, while I was browsing the facebook on my mobile phone, one friend’s post startled and shocked me. Huh???? MRT train gets derailed? Saw a picture of it on facebook. Even though I don’t ride the MRT train, it is where the LRT train where I bound to going home is located, so it means that the hell traffic will welcome me had I been to the office yesterday. So thank God I had to look after my daughter and averted the traffic caused by the incident. Just felt sorry to those who were at the derailed train.

MRT has issues already, and this one aggravate the issue. Need to have a major improvement regarding the operation.

God bless the Philippines though 🙂

Till then,

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