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Today’s Selfie

Okay, and here I am now at the bus, travelling back home in Pampanga ????. You may not know it, but I now travelling from Pampanga to Pasay for 2 hours, 3 at times. I need to do it as I always say, I want to spend my non – working hours with my family. When I say family – it’s me, daddy Jay and Jhaydii. Daddy J isn’t always around the whole year, he’s on his annual vacation and so grab the opportunity to spend most of the time with them even though it’s far. That is the essence of a working mom 😉 And so today, I came in early to the office. Who wouldn’t be anyway when leaving home is 4:45am and be in the office at 6:45am? With that early, i also want to leave the office early, when I have chance to, and no meeting to attend with. So today is one of those lucky days. I left the office 10minutes past 4pm (did I say it right kaya, passed 4pm o past 4pm, ah basta!). Now here I am at the bus, telling you something. And relative to the post prior to this, the MRT story, I rode an LRT from Edsa station to D Jose. And trains here in LRT is a jam packed one. You need to be standing like a fish in a can of sardine. Train is the fastest mode of transportation rather than taking on bus or jeepney, that is why more people choose this. Bago pa makasakay, you need to wait for 15 minutes, may train dadadaan but skip daw, meaning it will not stop on the station where we are waitinf, tigil sya to get passengers at the station ahead of us. So passed 2 trains already before we can hop in. Medyo maluwag but standing. And as we traveled along, we got no space anymore. And the challenge now is, pahirapan pagbaba kasi may mga pasaway na paakyat/papasok na pasahero na hindi muba maghintay makalabas lahat before pumasok sa loob. So that was what happened to me, I had a hard time getting out of the train kasi sinalubong na ako ng mga ate. Fortunately, a concerned passenger bellowed “may bababa pa, saglit lang!” But I still found it hard, sobrang sikip. So I pushed them with all my might… Hay! O sige mabangga na ang mabangga… baka makaabot ako sa monumento eh gang D Jose lang ako… sorry girls, we have to be mean sometimes when needed by a situation. So enough of me today, and here is my selfie #potd for today, feeling loved, pretty, inspired and blessed..

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Till then,