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*pardon the misspelled words as this post is written through samsung galaxy s5*

Finally after so many years of planning and wanting to dine in Isdaan, we had it on Saturday. Wondering what is Isdaan? It is a restaurant where there are huge figures in clay, Obama and wife, Cory Aquino, Joseph Estrada, Mickey and Minnie and so on. There are floating shacks built that served as the dining area. Minors are advised to wear a lifevest for safety. Based on the menu, there are 2 branches here in the Philippines, in Tarlac Pampanga where we ate and at Calauan Laguna. Soon to open in Nueva Ecija.

Before Isdaan, we first went to Our Lady of Manaog in Pangasinan. We left home in Mexico Pampanga at 4am and after 2 1/2 hours, we arrived at the church 630am, just in time for the 7am mass. We made it that early as I wanted to avoid a large crowd and tourist, and the warm weather as well. We decided it right.

And as we went home, we weee thinking what and wheee to eat. It was 9am when we were on the road so I thought and suggested why not eat at Isdaan since it has been wanting long ago. So there, we had it there.

Isdaan Tarlac, just the same view of what is in Calauan (as I see it from my friends’ pictures in fb). And oh wow, the foods/menu are expensive. Lutong bahay, the usual Filipino foods. We only had plain bulalo, no veggies just beef and soup, this costs Php248, inihaw na pusit Php450+, fish sisig Php300+. Imagine the drinks, iced tea costs Php91, bottled 355ml coke costs Php65 and we only had buko pandan as dessert, costs Php135. Total amount we paid was Php1660.xx only for the 2 of us hehe… JD was sleeping when we were eating woke up when we werr done. 😀

Anyway by the way hi way….. I enjoyed the fish sisig and a bit of inihaw na pusit. Not bad. It was a date between me and my husband chaperoned by our daughter.

Pictures to post later.

This is what traffic can do… i am bored and while bored I blog. Instead of sleeping I write something that happened to me and my family. Sort of a diary…

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