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Her New Source of Fun

Thanks for tatay’s love of music, and for his hardwork, that he was able to earn on his own to buy things for his love of music. Not just soft, but a loud one. He loves to listen to a very loud sound, that is why he bought things to assemble 2 speakers with powerful amplifiers so I speak loud as in loud as if there is always a party going on in our house. JD loves it anyway, she dances as the loud dance music is playing. The weak part is, it is somehow annoying to the neighborhood because of the noise, but the good thing is, we live some meters away from each other. So I think we’re not causing them huge piss.

JD now shows her other talent aside from singing and composing songs. For a 2 1/2 little girl, I am happy for her development, seeing how smart she is 🙂 Who mother wouldn’t want to have a nice, smart and pretty daughter anyway?

She’s young and she can do some other things and shows talent as she grows older. Love love love you baby!

Till then,

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