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How to Get Back on Track

After all those eagerness to write and post something, I find it hard to get back on track. I received a message – here it goes;

Some of you Have Not posted in your blogs for months, therefore they have been Inactivated and will be excluded from the new campaign assignments due to lack of regular posting.

This leaves open opportunities for new assignments to be assigned to new blogs.  New bloggers are signing up blogs and participating in the new campaign assignments also.

Too bad – because I felt lazy writing and updating my blog, I lost one of my sources of income 🙁 I just hope I could get assignments again from them. All I need is to find time updating this blog from time to time. This almost 8 yea blog is not worthy to be dissolved, I should find some ways to relive it. PLease help me though fellow bloggers.

Till then,

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