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New Home Needs New Dress

When you’ll transfer to a new place or home, it’s better if everything else is new. New appliances, new kitchenwares, new curtains, and even the sofa sets or table clothing – it’s nice if covered with new cloths, make sure of the measurement, is it a 90 by 90 or by 84 by 84? Should be measured exactly the way they are, for the best view. So that is why I have this titled New Home Needs New Dress.

As early as now, me and my husband are already talking of what our home color would be, our home is far from the finished product, but we are already discussing those as I think it really will spend time. The beauty of our house will depend on the color also, not only by the structure but of the color as well. My niece has already presented me one internal design, but still lacks the design of some of the areas of the house.

Will delve more on this as time goes by….. looking forward to finishing our home at the soonest possible time, as soon as we can 🙂

Till then,

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