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In Search for Real Razon’s Halohalo

*pardon the misspelled words  this post is written thru samsung galaxy S5.

Before I get into details of this post, I realized that having your own car will help your life easier, but financially messier 🙂 kidding aside, I realized that driving your own car to visit places is somehow comfortable than commuting. One example is when you go on a shopping with your kid, imagine how crazy you are cuddling your little one carrying plastic bags full of goodies? And then commute? Nah! And it’s a way better to acquire a thing that will make your life easier. So for me, I am dreaming to have one, from here there and everywhere. Any way will do. So SOON!

Since my husband’s province is Pampanga and Guagua where the famous RAZON’S halohalo originated is just some minutes away from Mexico, I believed there are many branches of that thirst’s quencher.

Even you, di ba you’d think of many accessible branches of the famous halohalo? Few days after my husband arrived, I wondered where Razon’s is. I was really looking for one para maipatikim ko how delicious halohalo is to my husband.

Yes, finally! We saw one at SM hypermarket in SM Pampanga. So we bought 4 for only Php75 only. Wow sabi ko, hindi hamak na mas mura kesa yung nasa MoA which costs Php100. I even proudly told my husband, gamit nila is gatas ng kalabaw kaya masarap yan. And to my dismay, as I saw the halohalo being prepared, the staff poured Alaska evaporated milk nyak nyak nyak. From there itself, I vouched that it’s not the real or the Razon’s halohalo that I’ve tasted from MoA brach. Yay failed. Picture below shows the other Razon’s store.

 photo yellowrazon_zpsc50ca0d6.jpg

The first searched – the yellow logo Razon’s (Terisita’s Razon) sorry, I wonder why this picture still shows that position although I many times rotated it left…

And 2 months later, just last Wednesday after our PLDT transaction, I once again told my husband “sarap ng halohalong Razon’s, siguro naman merok nun sa Guagua.” It seemed I am conceiving sa craving ko with Razon’s halohalo. So we googled if there’s razon in Guagua, there are 2! We went there and had a hard time looking for the store. We reached the old house near the closed gasoline station, it’s where Razon’s home of halohalo and palabok, since 1972 is located. A house that is turned into a store. My husband got the menu and saw the price list. Naman Php75 again, Php25 cheaper than that of the MoA’s. We ordered 5. Yay again, my husband mocked me because the milk used was Alaska hahahaha… not carabao’s milk as we expected. But a bit tastier than the yellowed logo. Dismayed! Buti na lang masarap yung San Nicolas biscuit that costs Php170. See below halohalo cup, our 2nd attempt in search of the Razon’s halohalo. It has the same ingredient as the ones served in MoA, banana, macapuno and leche flan.

 photo greenrazon_zpsefb2492f.jpg

the halohalo cup from Razon’s Original Halohalo & Palabok

 photo sannicolas_zpsdd0f453b.jpg

The San Nicolas biscuit

What is it in Razon’s of Guagua that are not in their relatives product? To satisfy the cravings I went to Razon’s MoA the next day, to see the difference of the logos of 3 Razons stores we’ve had. And really have difference, yellow, green/red and red. The latter is the one that stands among the three.

 photo Screenshot_2014-08-15-17-41-36_zps7f12460b.png

The real Razon’s we were looking for – the red logo Razon’s of Guagua

I did not have halohalo but lechon kawali that costs Php180.00, delicious as its best.

 photo razonlechonkawali_zps054fe436.jpg

Ilan pa kayang ibang Razons makikita ko dito sa Pampanga before ko makita yung red logo Razon’s there? Hehe… Till we settle here ???? or til we get a franchise!

Till then,

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