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Years ago, I had difficulty getting into sleep. Insomnia attacked me during those days. Getting into bed early, apparently went into sleep at dawn. I know most of you exprience this. And they say when you hardly sleep, someone is thinking of you. Do you believe that? (Baka naman may kasalanan yung sleepless kaya sya iniisip 😀 )

Fret no more, if during those sleepless night you count sheep, you reminisce and all but still to no avail, there is now a best solution to that, a memory foam topper. It’s like a bed, that will help you get into serious sleep, no foam like memory foam. Be it an aching back, circulation issues, or just trying to get the best sleep possible, memory foam mattresses are the solution to numerous sleep issues. With its temperature-sensitive visco-elastic formulation, memory foam forms to your body for a custom-molded mattress every night, no matter your position. Memory foam softens from body heat, cradling high-pressure areas while supporting low-pressure areas, for a balanced feel that can’t be found in a traditional mattress. – source: Foam Factory site.

Better than human hug? I bet not. But better try this than staying late at night till dawn.

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