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Places to Remember

This year is a family year for me. My husband’s vacation was well spent, with me and with JD. Here’s the list of the places to remember, places we visited together. Not quite much, but the quality of time spent is there, enough to make our little one happy.

  1. Baguio City – JD’s first on June 11 to 12
  2. Zoocobia – on June as well but hard to remember when was it.
  3. Clark Pampanga – a place where my husband had terrible driving experience.
  4. SM City Clark – need to include this as JD had a wonderful experience too 🙂
  5. JD’s first movie
  6. Our Lady of Manaog – JD’s 2nd on August 16
  7. Isdaan Tarlac Pampanga – JD’s first on August 16
  8. Tagaytay – JD’s second on August 22
  9. Enchanted Kingdom – JD’s first on August 22 as well

I will try to find time to write about these in detail. Show picture to add fun i the story.

We make sure we get to do this every year when my husband is with us. Making the most out of it, he’s working light years away, so grab the opportunity to spend the best quality of time with him.

At JD’s age, she knows how to appreciate things around. And so these places, these memories etched on her heart, I know. Specially the times, the days, the hours that only daddy and Jay were together, daddy being the nanny at home while I am working. This is the most wonderful part, JD was able to get to know her father well. Daddy was able to get her heart, loved him much, that even now that he’s back working apart from us, JD never forgets him, and always excited to hear his voice and see him in skype. Ouch! It pinches my heart everytime JD calls her daddy, even she knows he’s not there to answer 🙁 :'( and to carry/cuddle him.

So much fun when we were together. Looking forward to next year, to his next annual vacation with us 😉

Till then,

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