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Thank You Inay and Tatay

If there are persons to thank in this world other than my husband and daughter, these are no other than but my parents – inay at tatay. Why? Because they are the ones who’s taking care of our little one when I am at work. Not only taking care, but caring full of love and teaching her good deeds. This is the reason why I am proud of our daughter, that she is growing kind, docile and with God’s fear. At her young age (2 1/2) she is showing that she really is the kind of person to be proud of. That is why we are very thankful that she is surrounded with very loving people.

Gifts are not enough to show how much I care my inay at tatay, it can be bought everywhere, best selection of mothers rings, bike for tatay, and etc, what I can give back now is my love too 🙂 <3 <3 <3

Of course we the real parents have part on JD’s growing up too. When daddy was here, he never forget to remind JD of this and that, never failed to teach good deeds to her. It starts from us 😉 Oh well, it starts from our parents, from inay and tatay who are also good at guiding and nurturing us when we were young.

The epitome, they are my living inspiration. “Kung ano ang puno, sya rin ang bunga” My parents are reaping what they sowed before.






Till then,

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