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Lucky me, I married David. Why? Because my husband’s family enjoys visiting different places together. And because we are part of his family now, I was able to join them too.

Last year’s adventure was at the north part of the country , Ilocos region. We spent 3 days of vacation, my husband was also here during that time. It was month of April then.

And this year, we were dragged to Baler. My husband wasn’t here to help me look after JD. He missed this adventure, happened on April too. I thought I can’t join them as I also had a work then, but they asked me first when I could possibly take a leave, and they’d schedule according to my availablity, very touching. I wasn’t expecting that 🙂 They were thinking of me so I could join them, albeit my husband wasn’t here, thank you!

And the adventure began. It took us more than 5 hours of drive to reach Baler, it was that long because we took a different route, we had it at mountains, scary as it was beginning to get dark, and we heard that there’s lot of NPA around. But thank God He guided us and kept us safely. We reached Baler at night and started to look for a place to stay. Glad we found one, but transferred again the next day.

On our 2nd day, that was the time that we enjoyed Baler. We enjoyed the beach, as well as JD. If I were big that time, I would probably not be wearing a swimwear, I would perhaps be saying, “these plus size bathing suits” love me 😀 but the opposite, thanks my braces, I was thinner to wear the not for plus size bathing suit.

Besides the beach, one of the most wonderful yet tiring experience was the trecking to Ditumabo Mother Falls. It took us more than 30 minutes of hike, the way was rocky and rough. Imagine I was carrying Jhaydii, that was too adamant of me to carry my 11kgs daughter. But thankfully, my legs and arams were strong to endure the hike. See below pictures too…

Let these pictures tell you the whole story. Thank you Baler!

 photo 970412_10202837296446356_5319399261489663242_n_zpsb6dc468e.jpg

 photo 10262133_10202837290286202_5623507583037112286_n_zps160352a4.jpg

 photo 10261968_676957635675267_516974888411054563_n_zps7cd8ef65.jpg

 photo 10003875_10202837305326578_1870586683316281971_n_zps20fc0b6e.jpg

 photo 10003121_10202837308406655_1963304060967681281_n_zps93e2b3db.jpg

 photo 10246752_10202859361637972_5101371850479095172_n_zps7467060a.jpg

 photo 10259882_10202860984438541_881529528951446687_n_zps77bad9b8.jpg

 photo 1044606_10202858984468543_4310539571398626436_n_zps28174de5.jpg

 photo 10150520_10202860985998580_1333688407041413871_n_zpsc18ab335.jpg

 photo 10175077_867627653254002_3750508551339911128_n_zps0fecba29.jpg

 photo 10268573_10202858994628797_2908663346329048336_n_zps6c96dd2a.jpg

 photo 10157109_10202859000148935_3150774963539706179_n_zpsf15c5a5d.jpg

 photo 10262033_10202859002508994_5408779414689123736_n_zpsfeba2467.jpg

 photo 10174862_10202860987158609_7728395989133694091_n_zps23290133.jpg

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