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Health is Wealth

When I was traveling from and to Pampanga few months ago, I had a feeling that my health would sacrifice. Waking up as early as 4am in the morning in order for me to leave the house at 5am to avoid rushing and bumping in LRT, and leaving the office sometimes late. Lack of sleep most of the time. I am aware of the consequences, so I decided to buy vitamins to supplement my weary body. But as time went by, it wasn’t fun to take them at all. Lazy? No, I just not used to taking vitamins.

Someone suggested me to take a different one, because I was taking vitamin C I think, there was this, iron supplement, calcium, these omega 3 supplements and many more. But I still insist not to take 😉 my body is well functioning though, I feel no abnormalities, my anti-bodies are fighting  – that is the advantage of growing up in the province right? And I think, the advantage of drinking “am”.

But I am not turning away or still believe that taking body supplement will keep me healthier, prettier, and sexier. That is why, HEALTH is WEALTH.

Till then,

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