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In Our Dreams

*pardon the misspelled words as this post is written through samsung galaxy S5

Who doesn’t have dream anyway? Of course we do all have. We keep on thriving hard in order to achieve our dreams. Dreams drive us to reaching whatever it takes – in a good way naman.

When I was young, seeing how my parents earned for a living, made me dream that someday, I will be able to help them and give them a better life. When I was a student, my dreams and family inspired me to do my best, to strive hard, to dream and dream, and to achieve them. I always cried then, experiencing how destitute we were. Salt as viand? Ipa as rice? Who among you had this experience too? But this inspired me really. Now, I can say, I am giving them the things they had never been before, I made those dreams a reality. Thank you for inspiring me.

ANd now that I have my own family, aside from the dream that I had, another dream has been added on my list. I achieved, and keep on dreaming. My husband and I dream of building our own lives. One of these is having a place where we call our own, our HOME. So this is it. We now are starting to build it. We want to make it as beautiful as we can, living room, sleeping room any room and the kitchen which can get the help at www.ovisonline.com to make it even more beautiful…. hmmm..

On end of March 2014, we were able to start building our home. And it’s now like this.

 photo home_zpsa45eaf4a.jpg

And hopefully we can finish it by mid 2015. So help us God :-O

Till then,

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