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I should have posted this one before the Baler. I have been to this place many times, my first time was during our college recollection, the next important visit was during our 2013 team building, I know prior to this, I also went there however I couldn’t remember when it was, what I am sure is, we were there with colleagues. And then during David’s adventure, and recently, on August 22, with Jay and JD.

Tagaytay is one of the countries most visited places, due to a cool breeze as it’s located on a higher area (mountainous). It’s like a little Baguio. When I heard the first time that we’re going to Tagaytay, I was like, WOW! I felt like a tourist on my own country. This town is also where our country’s artists build their home due to the nice weather.

Enough of that. This place is now developed compare to what it was before. There’s now themed park to visit, the Sky Ranch. We David’s clan visited and stayed at the house of Tita Glo’s niece on April, hmmm….can’t remember the exact date. After some recuperation due to long drive, we went to Sky Ranch and took the chance of enjoying the rides. But because I have a little one with me, we only had the Mary Go Round. And then nothing after that. Unfortunately, I was puzzled why JD was throwing up the fact she is already used to traveling far. The vomiting continued the following day. I was also throwing up. That was exactly after our People’s Park in the Sky visit. I was thinking that it was due to the espasol that me and JD ate. It was hard when both of us felt bad, I was fainting, and JD cried a lot. I recovered, unfortunately, JD continued to feel bad even where going back home in Pampanga.

 photo 1978883_673725702665127_1981513193954598516_n_zps0a23c42f.jpg

just arrived (I love the thinner me here)

 photo 984034_10202789261485512_812601902_n_zps9fa81f6e.jpg

 photo 10155117_673730085998022_6636921180642895973_n_zps0572c307.jpg

at Sky Ranch

 photo 1511914_673740002663697_8966315155327615863_n_zps576cea4e.jpg

carrying jd at People’s Park in the Sky

 photo 1456031_673740249330339_4528321784241594992_n_zps25ff645c.jpg

 photo 1604722_673751475995883_2673940348721751893_n_zps13b65dec.jpg

the kids – apo ni lolo Erning and lola Agang

Albeit we had a bad experience, we still can say we enjoyed the place together with David’s family.

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