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Let’s Sing in Praise

In a moment like this, hours of sitting and waiting to board, let me use it effectively. I am now here at Taiwan airport and enjoying the free wifi this place offers. And since again I am writing using my samsung mobile, pardon the misspelled words. This touchy-techy-qwerty thing sometimes does not type correctly hehe…

I am in a deep mourning these days, my mother-in-law reposed and joined our Creator on an unexpected day. Well, who expects death anyway? That is why we need to be good all the time, come moment that we need to be in the place where we all should be, we are ready.

Let us sing in praise for all the blessings God has bestowed me and my family. I want to express it like singing along with a guitar and acoustic guitar tuner. I think i can do it nicer even though I don’t know how to hum. I just wish I can, and sing like Catherine Loria or Aiza Seguerra ?. Praise you oh Lord for giving me the rare opportunity for this business trip, my 3rd time in US. Utah Dallas and now Los Angeles. This is a trip but a challenging tasks await. Let me and my colleagues do it excellently. With you my Lord.

okay and it is already 3:21 pm here in Taiwan, boarding starts at 4:20, one hour more and we are good to go to LA. 12 hours of flight. Please keep us all safe.

thank you again Lord for this day and everyday and for keeping my love ones safe and healthy, we owe it all to you.

Till then,

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