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The Fall of 44 PNP-SAF, I Just Opine

*pardon the typo error or mis spelled words, this post is written by samsung galaxy S5*

I’ve never had a gut to write something ony blog many months ago. I admit I write for the purpose of completing the paid assignments given to me by payu2blog. But now, I think it’s time to regain the rank that has been loSt. Write, blog and opines…

It’s six past 34 am now, just went out of the office for a night shift work. And I am currently waiting for Cebuana Llhuiller to open for some monetary transaction. While waiting, I decided to dine fpr a breakfast here at Mesa Inasal, and so here is my food, now I need to eat before my food gets cold.

I have never watched the television religiously eversince I gave birth to Jhaydii. I turned my time to her instead of watching telenovelas, politics, showbiz and the country’s daily crimes. I opted not to be updated, but I must be thankful to facebook, it keeps me somehow aware of what is happening around. Yes, my facebook account is always online. Wait, I just need to have a bite hehe… okay, going back to my momentum…. Perhaps the reason also why I opt not to watch tv is the incessant crimes in the country; hold up, kidnap, rape, terrorism, corruption and etc…good vibes pleaseeeee…. Ask me the current events and I surely will shrug coz I know just a few and not in detail.

And now, I regret not being updated with the news. I happened to be late informed by the ruthless terrorism I must say, in Maguindanao (and pardon me if I write something incorrect, everything here is my opinion though). How come that fellow Filipinos killed Filipinos???? 44 people? What the nerves they had for doing it? They are so ruthless, merciless and inhumane! I saw the video, I saw the pictures in facebook, and it seems the MILF had lots of guns’ supplies to be shot on the PNP’s bodies. Brains’ out! It was a massacre! A terrorism! Those people who are behind this crime should shed lives too! Justice must prevail. They took lives, then they should pay for it!

What if Marcos is still our President, will these things happen (now I am being pro-Marcos)?

I asked one of my colleagues this morning, “ano ba ang ipinaglalaban ng mga MILF?” Eh kasi nga I am not updated, I don’t watch tv eh.

We mourn…..

How can our country progress? How can we turn away from being a 3rd world country if fellow Filipinos kill Filipinos?

Allow me to say that, the Philippines has no brighter future if these things continue to happen. The public needs to mind their own lives and not rely on the government, let us work without causing any harm to others. Let us help others however we can.

Country’s Leaders?????  No comment….

Till then,

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