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JD in Zoocobia

Thanks to my post on Sept 17 2014 entitled Places to Remember – I get to easily remember places we’ve been through when daddy was here for a 2014 vacation. So I am done with our Baguio trip, it’s now turn of JD’s field trip in Zoocobia 😀

On June as well – not exactly sure the exact date, we brought JD at Zoocobia, together with her cousins Kim and Kate. Zoocobia is a zoo and one of the must see places located in  Clark Pampanga. It’s a place where different animals are kept and shown in public, it’s also a best place for educational trip. It is exactly located at Sacobia Valley  Clark Freeport Zone and is set on a forested foothill that offers visitors a closer experience with nature.

It took us less than an hour to reach the place as we were from Mexico Pampanga, some towns away from Clark. I must have written down times and other details noh, so that I could easily transcribe it here in my blog. Anyway, time to roam with our little princess. First off was feeding birds! JD was amazed seeing colorful birds, we were inside their home, we fed them and then they’re eating feeds right from our palms. JD was closely watching them, it was nice seeing her enjoyed that moment. Then passed by the ostrich, that big bird we didn’t feed, I was afraid I might get bitten by its big beak! Ouch! Then at the lizards haha, crocs, and monkeys, JD loved watching them hanging and swinging on the trees. Then we continued and passed by the Garden Maze, as in maze, roaming and turning here and there until we see the end to connect us to the next level.  One of the most thrilling experiences! The Zooc Ride – a gravity car patterned in a luge car in Singapore, There’s no machine to help drive the ride, only but wheels in a downside tracks protected by rubbers on the side. We all had a ride, I rode with JD with me, so I needed to be extra careful and had to trace track slowly. We enjoyed the pull of gravity in a  400 meters track that goes downward.  That ride made our hair messy, the helmet we donned made it messier, so we needed to pull it back nicely with kent brushes 🙂 before we get to another tour.

After that exciting ride, we went to a shack where there are breeds of goat, carabao, sheep, pigs – oh smells uh! Then there was a big slide that JD wanted to try, but bexause it was hot and it was long, we did not let her try it. We just went ahead and saw horse to ride, but we did not try it though. Just nearby it was a zipline, that I was really eager to try ever since before. So we huggle the price, Php500 for the 4 of us.

Tired of almost over half day of tour, we stopped and went back to the reception after taking our respite.

According to my research, the major goal of Zoocobia is to keep delicate preservation of natire while providing fun and close to nature activities who wanted to esscape the busy streets of the city.

Entrance Fee:

Php250.00 – Zoocobia

Php150.00 – Paradise Ranch (we didn’t avail this)

Php400.00 – Both

I must say JD enjoyed this first time experience and encounter with nature and animals, when she was two. More to come as she grows.

Photos to follow 🙂

Till then,

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