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When February Ends

So while on the bus traveling home from my boarding house, and to use the time wisely while I’m on my way, here’s a post to share, let me begin with this without a clear topic in mind (thinking)…

Today is the last day of February 2015, time is running so fast, it’s been 2 months already, 2 months have gone. Along with this are those times that i hopefully had well spent, especially with my family.

And now come March of course, and believe it or not, I’m turning 34 in 3 days! Oh my geez…. I’m old already ???? nevertheless,  I’m very thankful and grateful I reach this far, so much blessed already. And I can say that my wish and pray did come true, from finishing my bachelor’s degree,  to having a work, helping my family build a better home and providing them their needs, to getting a job with better pay, to finishing masters degree,  to be promoted,  to travel to the US (my ultimate dream!) not just once but thrice in three different states  (Utah, Dallas, California) *wink*, to have a boyfriend and became my after a year husband (my first and last, and I prayed so long for it, been single with no suitors haha, and I prayed I’d be married at 30, which happened that’s why I’m very thankful), to be blessed with a smart daughter, to build our own home and most of all, TO HELPING OTHERS AND LENDING MY HANDS. And above all of these, to the lives that were given to all of my love once, to the daily mornings we are waking up ???? see so much blessed.  These are the highlights but of course not to mention those every little things that happen to me and my family everyday. So thank you so much our Dear God, I can’t thank you enough.

Hmmm, see, with my 50 minute travel, I haven’t finished this post yet, my mind thinks spontaneously and I hope I write this well, I can’t proofread due to this small gadget I’m using so pardon me for the wrong grammar and misspelled words, I’m not perfect like you hehe.

Thank you for the wonderful and blessed  33 years of my life, let this post be a reminder of who I am, and marks my memorable and blessed years before.  Cheers to more years to celebrate with friends and families.

Love you all!

till then,

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