Daily Living

Hey I’m Back

Okay,  so I again lost my momentum of having this blog updated. I should write as often as possible but sometimes i run out of words ideas and topic to write.  February has already ended and that’s my last post. I have nothing on March, where I should have because of many important events but then, aside from lack of everything,  the lasitude on me prevails ????

Thank you for the an hour and half travel time late at night or sho5i say early in the dawn, 1230am, I have a chance of blogging.  I don’t want to sleep and stray, so this is a good idea of keeping me awake. Double benifit,  I feel safe and my blog gets updated!

So many things happened so many twists and are already archived in my mind lol…

IAnd oh by the way, I hope payu2blog gives me assignment again, please.

The only thing that Isee to be a problem is the small screen this gadget I’m using, I often misspell words,  have extra letters in between words, that’s instead of a space haha. But nevertheless readers can comprehend right. I hope!