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Plah Plah

So it’s another dinner for our team tonight. Thank you Xerox for the benefit, monthly benefit that our team enjoys much, happy tummy and bonded team plus a band tonight. Not far apart from our office,  we had our team dinner at Prism Plaza located at 2Ecom Mall of Asia, at Uncle Cheffy specifically. As we arrived, there were 3 alluring girls in bright pink midriff and long green printed skirt with high slits, singing before the not so crowded audience ????, they are called Allure Band.  Not bad anyway, we still enjoyed the music accompanied by yamaha guitar, bass guitar and an organ. So food….. The reason why I entitled this plah plah is because, of all the foods we ordered,  this fish “tilapia” made our night. Very yummilicious, that calamansi or lemon taste really left something on me. Thank you for the wrong order taken haha, otherwise we had never tasted how good plah plah is. uncle Cheffy I must say, serves food that are very affordable. I was happy to see that we only had Php2,592 bill, thata for 5 meals, yeah and 3 bottomless ice tea.

Here’s our team enjoying the picture lol…  photo 20150423_214050_zpsmut7dfhn.jpg

 photo 20150423_214231_zpszydxgssc.jpg  photo 20150423_214134_zpsw9u0zpz8.jpg