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El Gamma Penumbra – The First Asia’s Got Talent Winner

Forgive me readers! (if I have lol), I know this off late, but still wanna take and express my pride of being the kababayan of the first Asia’s Got Talent winner – the El Gamma Penumbra! And mind you, they’re also from CALABARZON as me, so times 2, the pride of Tanuan Batangas, ala eh doon nga! And I am from Tiaong, Quezon, hindi baga?

I’ve seen them performed locally, I think it’s in Philippine’s Got Talent or something like that. During their performances on stage, I can’t help but express my amazement, those hands and movements behind, awesome! But unfortunately, they did not make it as a winner.

And just like any other person who has a dream and goal, El Gamma Penubra did not lose their hopes and did not give up on their dreams, they make this a challenge, losing makes it as their challenge. It became their bridge to push through with their dreams of making name in the country. And ooopps, they went beyond that, they make name not only in the Philippines but in Asia. The good news is, they brought the Philippines to Singapore to compete in Asia’s Got Talent, yes, it’s Asia! Competing with fellow Asian coutries is tougher than in the Philippines though. But they made it! they nailed it!  They were declared the first grand winner on May 15, 2015, bringing the country another pride! They won the prize worth $100,000 and an opportunity to perform in Marina Sands Singapore, and they won the hearts of many people not only from the country but from other nations too. They’re moving performance depicting the Mother Nature brought them in this place. Really really one of a kind..

Good luck for more moving performances! Thank you for bringing the country another pride and good reputation despite some negativity.

Till then,

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