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Plain Wife

I’m feeling it- soon! Imagining myself as a plain housewife, doing all the household chores, cooking for my husband and daughter, anything a wife does….. at home. How I wish! But I know I can’t. Being an employee for 10+ years, I cannot imagine myself being at home alone. I am used to working 8+ hours a day, working for another people, working in a corporate world. I think I cannot endure being a plain housewife these days, maybe when I get old.

I must not forget the fact, that serving the family is a fun-filled role, you serve with love, especially when you are joined by your husband and kid in doing the chores, and some like logo printed exhibition skirting, fun fun fun working with them! Right?

SO, in this regard, I am very much happy and satiated when I become a stay-at-home-mom! Definitely am!

Till then,

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