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May 2015 CPA Board Passers



1. Dhina Lieva David


Naaahhhh! How I wish! It is my long time dream, to be a CPA, and I know it’s imposible. I am not an accountancy graduate so I 100% have no chance of becoming a CPA. Nevertheless, I am still proud and happy for the bachelor’s degree I have, it really helps me a lot. Besides, license is not really a requirement to land a good job, it’s I believe your attitude towards your work.

In every accountancy board exam season, I am one of those eager persons who’s waiting for the list, it’s as if my name is there! Lol. Wala lang, the feeling is quaint when I see list of schools topping the cpa board exams, and most in wow and awe seeing the names of topnotchers getting grades as high as 92%! They are the living epitome and proof that accountancy isn’t hard lol, only for them I know!

The Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) and Board of Accountancy (BA) has just released the list of CPA board passers for May 2015 after 3 working days from the last day of exam on May 18. PRC announced that out of 5,959 examiners, only 2,132 passed the Certified  Public Accountant Licensure Exam or 36%. That shows how difficult the examination is. Lucky are those who passed and made it, especially the topnotchers! IGMNL and you’ll find the lucky names for May 2015.

After a year, Davids and I will be more than excited to wait for the result, as the eldest grand-daughter Nelvie D. Ignacio of Mr. Erning David (my husband’s father) will also be taking the risk and chance of passing this one of a heaven difficlut examination. SO good luck with prayer from us!

To the not so lucky, consider this not as your failure, but instead a challenge. You are not alone, there are thousands, 63% are out there, giving hope that someday, they will also be CPAs. Besides, you will still get a job, nice job, just do your best, perform at your best, and be nice. That’s it! SO cheer up and keep movin, it’s not the end of your career okay?

Till then,

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