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Another Blog is Coming!!!

After me and my husband discussed the cash flow I prepared, I realized my monthly salary is not enough to buy some stuff. WE cannot buy anything that are not budgeted, we cannot go out to bond ,we can’t buy JD new toys and clothes, we neither can’t buy new stuff for ourselves. This realization made me decide to create another blog, since this I Just Opine is not earning that much compared before when it was new (2008 -2010).

Payu2blog wants something that is always updated, maybe creating new blog will give me more encouragement to write more, and besides, I have a reason of buying another domain, it’s set aside for my family! So hopefully, ideas will flow!

So watch out for the 🙂 Life in general.

Oppppssss and it’s not, it’s Life on Dhi Web   hover over this and explore 😀 tia!


Till then,

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