San Andreas

Trailer of this movie made me want to watch it. I really want to watch suspense thrilling breath taking movie. Albeit I know that it’s about part of the world’s devastation. Tornado, tsunami, earthquake – all these are my interests, making myself scared of what will happen to the world haha.

It so happen that my husband also wanted to watch this. Especially that the lead actor is Dwayne, meaning San Andreas is really a good one. Suring the weekend we watched it finally, with JD. Although we knew she wouldn’t understand the movie yet, English eh, nevertheless our daughter still was very attentive and behaving inside the theater. But eventually got bored so she was moving from one seat to another luckily, the theater was not fully occupied, we were not disturbing anyone. I hope not. There were times JD asked me, “mama bakit ang laki ng tv?” Haha… and on scenes wher3 we all were laughing,  JD asked me when everyone was in silence “mama bakit ka po tumatawa?” Haha. That’s her, so many bakit, why’s her curiosity is never ending.

Going back to San Andreas…. It got carried me away, the effects were effective. You know what, dun sa mga napaka imposibleng scene, I was imagining how was it done. When we were in LA last October 2014, we went to Universal Studio and one spot there was dealing with movies with special effects, that now gave me an idea of how the movies with special effects are created. Mostly are done by computers. But ao effective,  making the viewers believe that it is really happening.

San Andreas is a movie about the love of a father to his family. Despite the devastating effects there was a moral lesson to take. Daddy Dwayne not only was able to save his daughter Blake but also his marriage. Her wife had filed a divorce against him. I can say that Blake’s mother was fortunate of not pursuing the marriage to (I forgot the name), because he is so impulsive. That guy is the Blake’s company when they went to New York, but left her when she was trapped in a car due to a 9.xx earthquake. He may not had an intention of leaving her, because he firat was asking for help from others, but eventually forgotten that he has his gf’s daughter to look after to, in the end that guy died from a falling closed van brought in land by the tsunami. Luckily, there were a father and son who were willingly helped Blake, amidst all those earth shakes,  the 3 did not let go of each other. Dwayne on the other hand was able to helped his wife then Blake will be next.  They went to many struggle, the ground literally breaking apart, and big tsunami waves that they were able to go through – un5il finally finding Blake at a highest building. But due to the tsunami, water came through the building and drowned Blake, the door was locked, she’s unable to go out, Dwayne neither. Blake gave up, she looked dead, but Dwayne did not lose his hope, he broke the glass and luckily opened the door and got drowned and no breath Blake, bringing her in a safer area. But water was still rising and there’s no way out but to break the window glass. God really is good that even in a movie He knows who needa help hehe,  Blake’s mother saw them ( she was in a boat waiting for her father and daughter to go back) and drove her way to where her family was and break the window glass. Hayyy…. and then the 5 of them were in boat, Dwayne was trying to revive Blake, almost gave up, but he tried again, Blake brought back to life ???? and they live again together.

Moral lesson? No one can match the love of a father to his daughter,  the father will do anything for his family. Not the second husband to be. Never trust someone for your family’s sake.

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