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Honing Your Kid’s Talent

When I learned I was pregnant wayback 2011, I started to think of the ways on how my child would become. The intellectual, physical and emotional aspects, things that I wanted my child to have a very good conditiom with. To achieve this, I never missed my pre-natal check up, never missed the vitamins my OB told me to take, had not eaten any processed foods and did not have fast foods taken, no coffee, no sodas. I am a food lover person, and I needed to sacrifice everything for the sake of my baby’s health.

I must say that my behavior when I was pregnant,  my lifestyle and my food intake help a lot with JD’s intellectual aspect. The way she talks to the elderly and to us her parents gives us a hint that she’s a smart little girl. I am amazed everytime she utters statement I wouldn’t expect from a 3 year old toddler.

Last weekend while we were watching The Voic3 Kids PH, Jd told us ahe wants to join the Voice Kids, haha. And she will sing “Let It Go”. Lyrics is only let it go, she doesn’t know the whole song, only let it go lol.

I really wanted to have a child who can sing, who has a great singing voice., this is what I don’t have hehe. Although we are doing our best to motivate JD and never lose self confidence. It is one of the many things I know will help hone our kid’s talent. Let them be, let them show what they got, and we support them, motivate them and boost their self confidence. So while watching the blind auditioners where some were playing guitars and some I would love to see playing trumphet, well they can see trumpet guide for help. That time when we were watching, I asked JD to sing for us so I can take her a video, but her mood was not good for an audition in front of us hehe. She just wanted to say she wants to join The Voice. Well, at least we’re seeing her wanting some things aside from toys and ice cream right?

so let’s help develop our kid’s talents then ayt!

Till then,

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