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Touched by Bangs Tony & Jackey

December of 2014, I decided to perm my hair for the 3rd time. First when I was in my 4th grade curled by my late grandmother using the pink stuff (free hehe), second was last March 2013 at Cielo’s Salon (sa tabi tabi lang worth 500) and my third on 2014 at Bangs by T&J oh em gee the price.

I was inspired by my officemate who had her hair permed at Tony and Jackey. Her curls were nice, looking natural and expensive tehe. She looked different than with straight hair, her permed hair made her look prettier. Thinking that my personality will improve too the way hers did, I also permed my hair at Tony and Jackey. Thanks Metrodeal for the promo, the digiperm was originally at Php8k, Metrodeal had it at Php3k. Yey for the price! I am not used to spending that amoun6 for my hair. Nevertheless, the price was worth it, I loved my hair and am loving it till today. My hair which was permed for 5 hours, my first to experience……

 photo Screenshot_2015-07-23-07-18-01_zpssl378sgv.png

To view more about my permed hair, please visit Life on Dhi Web’s I love Tony and Jackey.

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