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CIP – construction in progress,  seems like Accounting huh… one of our FA or fixed assets accounts with code xxxxx.17000.999 ding!

I again have a spare time for about an hour due to the travel time back home, thankful for that though! It gives me more time to blog. Hey and I’m now back to blogging mode, use this time in a prolific way.

Whay about the CIP then? What’s the link between the title and this post? Well, you know that the title suggests and tells something about the article so i should tell you know what’s up with the title. ????

okay.. CIP, it’s because our house which I wanted to call ourr home is still in progress, CIP or WIP whatever you call it, charge it at that, in progress. We started to plan last year, and built it on April 2014, it’s over a year now and we’re still at raw; finishing, steel roof and flooring, but wait, there’s more! We still need to spend hundreds of thousand for it. That bungalow costs a lot, my husband accepted his friend’s design that huge so we need to stretch our finances to finish it. And I surmise it will take us some years to finish. Patience is a virtue so we must wait.

Not only we need to finish he construction, we also need to fix the interiors,  and pretty sure that it also pricey. Must save more! Do dress my home elegantly, I must start finding cheaps yet elegant F&F or furnitures and fixtures, some displays, appliances and even cabinets – cabinets that help improved how the home looked, like the 48 inch Drawer slides which I know will add to the elegance of my home. Gotta gave and look for good finds then.

We need to budget well in order to finish our shelter. We need to find ways to eke our stipend. We badly need to look for a passive income. If you know something prolific, please don’t falter to share ha, thank you in advance!

Till then,

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