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Xerox Ranked #5 in Worst Companies to Work For???? Not Really

Interesting right? Curious ka no????

Commercial first… How can I doze if music on the bus does not permit me…. Music be like…. medley of the 90’s, do wa di dibe be dam di bi do…. in a lively tempo… pretty woman walking down the street… lalalala… I wanna dance and party party!!!!

Before I move on and before you go reading any further, let me just tell you that I am with Xerox for more than 6 years now, and they are saying Xerox is one of the worst companies to work for???? REally huh? 😉 Seems inconsistent for me, or for us who stayed here for so many years.

During our townhall two weeks ago, one of the concerns raised was Xerox as one of the worst companies to work for. We all were startled upon hearing this, where in the web does this survery come? Go google it and find out!

It took me 6 months, 1 year, 6 months, 2 and half and 1 and half years during my previous jobs. I was a job hopper, seeking better opportunities, challenges and higher position with greener pasture. I did not stay for long, I was looking for something that will satiate and fulfill my needs. Those 5 companies I’ve worked for are all manufacturing, operated and managed by Japanese and Americans, with different policies and cultures. Why then I stayed there for few years and stay here at Xerox for more than 6 years? (Ay nabanggit ko na pala haha).


Years of stay matters a lot. One of the many reasons I have for staying here is that, I am satiated with what Xerox is giving me. I admit, I received a low salary compared to my batchmates of the same position/level when I was new, but because of the other perks like business travel with nice bosses, I stayed until I received an increase 😉 Another reason is that, I feel less pressured than I was in my previous jobs, no more crying and sleepless nights, no more yelling customers, no more line stopped, no more urgent (in production), no usage of walkie talkie 😀 , no more sleeping in the office, no more work during Saturdays!!!!. Furthermore, I have a work-life-balance which I still enjoy to date, that led and helped me finish my MBA degree.

I can say that the outlook of ones company depends on how we deal with them, it depends on us, how we will feel. There are many different cultures, many different policies, but no company can be perfect if you keep on finding flaws. We are the one who mold our future in ones company. I’ve been with many companies, I was searching for something, when I transferred from one company to another, I always had something negative to say about them, “uhm, di maganda dun, mababa sahod”, naku, tsismosa mga staff dun”, “ay, mataray boss dun”, “ay may pulitika dun” – some of the comments I relayed to others. But why there are tenured employees there, contradicting to what I’ve said? It’s because it really depends on ourselves, we are the one who define.

Company is like our country, not the President alone is responsible, but we Filipinos. We need not to blame everything to our President, we need not to go out and rally (with pay!!! my gad!), we need to act and be responsible, we need to do our role not only as a Filipino but as a responsible daughter, son, mother, father…. Ayan – lumawig na…. it begins in the family really. How you were raised and nurtured plays very important role on how you will act and deal with your environment.

This is just some of my take…… I also had negative comments about Xerox, but positive prevails over it…..

Till then,

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