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Mind Your Own Business

One year ago, we ventured into a farm investment hoping that it could yield more profit like the other persons I knew who also do the same. It was our first try, attracted by how much others were earning through eggplant farming. The capital could yield for almost 200%, may kasamang swerte ika nga. Because one of the challenges to face is the fortuitous event; typhoons, floods and pests are common challenge.

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We had a industrial partner, he was the one who’s taking care of the farm. Our first try was not so lucky, we didn’t get any profit,  we lost our earnings from it. Kung nag franchise na lang sana, madaming food cart na yun. Our loss gives and makes us hesitant to venture into that kind of business again. Mahirap kalaban ang kalamidad at inang kalikasan. We accepted it albeit it was hard, wala ng magagawa nangyari na eh.

We don’t stop thinking of a business to venture someday. For us, we can’t be employee for life, dapat may sariling business din, so mind our own business as well, while we’re still earning. Some food carts by franchise – we are considering this. We just need to prepare our pocket,  we don’t have fund to provide to our planned business yet… thus we need to work work and save save for the business on our mind. We need this to materialize, hopefully soon.

With prayer,

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