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My Life in a Foreign Land

Spending time away from home for 5 weeks when I was still single was different when spent for 3 weeks when and have my own family. It was easier than before, no missed baby, no homesick. I am not saying no one was missed, of course I missed my parents and brothers, ayt.

And that was it, my life in foreign land, was like a business with pleasure but needs to be feeling home. I kept thinking I was also at home so I can enjoy my stay there. Thank you to the hotel accommodation I had, it added to feeling like home. The hotel was design like one, complete with kitchen, living room, bedroom of course a bathroom šŸ˜› And because I was in a foreign land everything was new. But had to live my life according to the place and things I had then.

One thing that made me feel new was the water, whoah, it was freezing cold and as a woman who came from a tropical country, it was a big adjustment for me. But thankful for the modern living, there was this water heater that I used every time I took a bath or wash my hands, it was in Utah then, was I using a Indianapolis Water Heater? Definitely not šŸ˜‰ But I am also wishing to live in Indiana Water Heater Indianapolis.

I had been to foreign land – in Park City Utah, Texas Dallas and L.A. California, 3 different states of the US. I want to add some on this list. And been to Doha Qatar for 3 days. Living in a foreign land is a must have experience even for a short while so you gotta experience how it feels to be far from home. To miss your home, and always want to go back home. Because nothing is compared when at home.

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