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Beep! Beep! LRT Card’s Not So Good

Almost everyday I am commuting through bus and LRT. That’s my life now that I live in Pampanga. It really takes time but I am now used to it. Tyaga lang ika nga para sa ekonomiya :D:D:D at lalong lalo na para sa pamilya.

I am one of the affected commuters when the beep card was implemented. If I remember it correctly it started in July 2015. Every LRT passenger was complaining. I once saw my fb friend’s post complaining about the non-usage of the stored value. They had to take the lines and buy a single journey ticket. Imagine that? Ang dami daming nag eLrt, and during rush hours wow! For sure lines are in several loops. Fortunately, I wasn’t reporting on morning shift na kasabay ng rush hours. Thank you mid shift! And then my turn, my first time to see the streamer – public advisory – no usage of stored value due to system upgrade. And I now belonged, buying tickets everyday for Php30.00 – which was Php25 only when I was using a stored value, from Balintawak to Buendia and vice versa.

Okay okay…. The upgrade is progressing. Mid August, they started to sell the electronic card or the BEEP card. No more insertion just a tap and you’re okay. But wait there’s more! Akala nyo ba mas convenient? Hindi no!

Ah let me tell you pala. I bought the public trial beep card na hindi ko alam bakit trial ang tawag akala ko libre kasi trial. NO! It is being sold at Php100. So eto na. When I first used it from Balintawak, pak! tap! Wow okay ah. Machine says Php80.00. What???? Wait, I need to know why I bought it at Php100 and yet the value is only Php80…. Naisip ko baka kickback. But of course I need to know so that I would not need to assume. And there I saw a uniformed staff standing right beside the pedestal machine. I asked him why. “Eh kasi po mam yung P20 po bayad po yun sa card. Pag nagreload na po kayo wala na pong bayad un. Pag 100 po niload nyo sakto po 100 na sya”, ah yun pala yun. That’s the good thing about asking di ba. No surmise, no assumption, no guess no baka no siguro puro sigurado. I relate it to the trax’s cost when we were at LA, we paid for the card I think it was $2.00 and it’s still with me kasi nga binili namin sya and we reloaded it. So same here now with LRT beep card.

 photo 150902024104_zpsb6jxjahq.jpgHere’s the not so good part. My experience last Monday August 31. Howdy! Baba ng Buendia. Daming pasaherong lumalabas, yung iba na stuck, yung iba nag stop hindi makadaan ang iba tsk. Balik balik sa teller. My turn now. Tap the beep card, pak! Card failed! What??? May load pa to I told myself… Tried again to the next machine albeit nakakahiyamg sumingit sa iba eh but I did. Tap, pak! Card failed! Again??? I approached the female guard and she told me “maam punta po kayo sa teller katok po kayo”. I went to the teller and gave my card. “Mam try nyo po sa iba” sabay balik ng card sa akin. I tried sa iba. Pak! Tap, Card failed! Waaaaa….. And I noticed I wasn’t alone experiencing failure, ang dami namin. And hindi ko na maaatim na sumingit pa para itry itap. Kaya ang good citizen in me while I was uttering hassle naman tong beep card, hinintay kong maubos ang mga lumalabas na pasahero so I can tap my card without worrying of the queue. Naubos na sila. Now I tried for the 4th time sa ibang machine. Pak tap card failed again. Hindi na maganda ha, last na talagang try….. Pak, tap! Php24. My goodness! It took me nth time before I successfully went out of Buendia station. No good! And I am sure I am not alone with this experience.

Anyway, we’re still on the trial period. There are still some stations that are using a paper ticket. And hopefully by the time of its full implementation wala ng mga gantong scenario. I just opine though. Only in the Philippines.

Till then,

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