I’m Coming to Madonna’s Concert

I think it was sometime in July or August when I read about Madonna’s concert in the Philippines next year. I’m not a fan though and I’m not watching it hoho. Sorry to be misled by the title. It just popped out like that as I listen to the music playing now in the bus. Why is Madonna’s concert making noise – because the tickets are really expensive, and I can’t afford to spend my 5digit hard-earned money for an hour or two or let’s say three for that concert. Oh well because I’m not rich that’s why I can say it ????.

Hmmm..perhaps even if I’m rich, I wouldn’t be buying it, let the money be spent wisely.

On the contrary….and on a bright note… I’ve read too (the title) that her concert will be worth it, the price is worth it. She’s too professional into it anyway, and has a lot of experience regaling the audience from the different part of the world. Her music is like a legend and along with this of course she won’t be able to perform well without the accompanying instruments, that add to the quality of her performance. I don’t know well about it but surely, there maybe some john dolmayan and many more.

I will just wait for the news, I will just wait for the feedback to be posted on facebook, that including the bashing – can’t be averted.

For Madonna’s rabid fan, enjoy the upcoming concert though!

Till then….